Kansas 1966 motorcycle license plate Wyandotte Co. #WY-1966


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This is THE best plate you could own for a 1966 motorcycle! An incredibly rare plate. Perhaps the ONLY 1966 motorcycle plate #1966 in existence, and it's MINT! While there were 105 car plates numbered 1966 issued in 1966, there were AT MOST 2 issued for motorcycles. In 1966, Wyandotte county was the third largest county by population and they issued less than 1900 plates for motorcycles. Luckily, I purchased the leftover car, truck and motorcycle plates from Wyandotte Co. years ago and I just discovered this jewel in one of the boxes. IF the Johnson and Sedgwick county ones were ever issued (which I doubt), they most likely didn't survive. This is most likely the only one in existence. This plate number has been checked and is clear to register.