Plastic Sleeves For Sale

Protect your treasures from getting damaged by using plastic sleeves to store your plates!

I have been providing plastic sleeves/bags for plate collectors since the late 1980's.  All my bags are 3 mil thick.

Please keep in mind that the tolerance on bags can be +/- 1/4 inch in width and length.

Bag Sizes

6 3/8 X 12 1/4        $9.00 per 100                           The best size for modern 6 X 12 plates.

6 3/8 X 16 1/4        $11 per 100, or $6 for 50        Fits most longer pre 1956 plates. 

5 X 15                    $11 per 100, or $6 for 50        A better size for narrower plates issued in the 1930's by some states like KS. and MN.

7 X 15                    $13 per 100, or $7 for 50        Good for the few states with taller pre 1956 plates like CA. and NY.

6 X 24                    $15 per 100, or $8 for 50       Fits most one-line European style plates.

Shipping Rates

All bags are sent via USPS priority mail.  Minimum order is 200 bags.

Medium flat rate boxes can hold up to 600 of the 6 3/8 X 12 1/4 bags or 400 to 500 bags of other sizes depending on the bag size.

To order, please email me at with the specific sizes and amounts you would like to order and I will send you a PayPal invoice for your order.  You can also pay by check or money order.  Indicate this in your email and I will provide my address in the reply.

I am happy to ship internationally at actual costs.  Email me with your order including sizes and amounts as well as your shipping address and phone number and I will calculate your total costs.