Kansas Model Year Law

    The Model Year Law legislation was passed in 2000 allowing anyone owning an antique car, truck or motorcycle to register a Kansas license plate from the year of their vehicle in lieu of a Kansas Antique Auto plate.

    Model Year Law rules:

  •     The vehicle must qualify for antique status.
  •     The plate must be a Kansas plate, the same year as the vehicle, and in good, legible condition.
  •     A single plate is all that is required, even in years where pairs were issued.
  •     Repainted plates are allowed in most counties, but the state leaves that decision up to each county.  Where repaints are allowed, they can only be painted the original colors.
  •     Only car, truck and motorcycle plates are allowed. Dealer plates and other types are not allowed. Lost plates, which are replacement plates, have been successfully registered as well but are not specifically discussed in the law.
  •     Car plates are allowed to be used on trucks and truck plates on cars.
  •     You can use a plate from any county no matter what county you live in.
  •     Duplicate numbered plates from the same county for ANY YEAR are not allowed to be used. As an example, once any year of Shawnee county plate numbered SN-101 has been registered, any other year of Shawnee county plate numbered SN-101 whether it be a car, truck or motorcycle plate will not be clear to use. For the years where car and truck plates were issued in pairs, once one plate of the pair has been registered, the second plate can not be registered on a different vehicle.  UPDATE:  I am able to check a limited amount of plates to see if they are clear to register. As I check them, I will indicate in the description if it is clear or not. If you want to find out if a plate is clear to register before purchasing, you can call you local courthouse and they can check for you.
  •     With the passage of HB 2599, the Model Year Law was modified to allow stickered plates to be used on antique vehicles. 1977 to 1980 cars used a 1976 plate with the appropriate sticker attached. Trucks and motorcycles from 1976 through 1979 used a 1975 plate with the appropriate sticker. If you have the proper base plate but not the appropriate sticker, the state will provide an appropriate year sticker made off the current design. Here is an example of a state provided sticker.