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Tom Allen


License Plate Restorers

The information below is accurate as of January, 2015. Please contact each person directly to verify any information.
Larry Hoeft
Larry has been restoring plates since 1989. I have several of his restorations in my own collection.
Price: $60 per plate.

Lee Lawson
Lee does great work on plates in poor condition. Lee has applied his talents to more than one of my plates.
Price: $60 per plate for a basic restoration which includes sandblast, minor repair, prime, paint base color and lettering. Additional charge for holes, missing edges, creases, tears, and heavy pitting. Maximum charge is $150.
Lee Lawson
1838 College Ave.
Conway, AR. 72034
phone: cell 501-628-4535  home 507-327-0810

Below is an example of Lee Lawson's work.

Donald R. (Barn) Barnum
Price: $75 per plate for a basic restoration (sandblast, minor repair, prime, paint and lettering/numbering). Additional charge for major damage. Customer will be consulted before work is begun. Does graphic work for newer plates as well.
Classic Plate Restoration
Donald R. Barnum
28234 South Pointe Lane
Chesterfield, MI 48051-2347
Ph: 810-434-0509

Below are some examples of Barn's work.


Brian Mabry
Price: $90 per plate. $175 for a matched pair.

Shawn Mahany
Price: $125 per plate. $240 for a matched pair. Oversize $25 extra. Motorcycle size $100. Also does reflectorization.

Mojo Art Works
Price: $80 per plate including shipping regardless of the condition or work involved.

Larry Scott in Denver, CO.
Full restoration $40. Lettering Only $
Ph: 303-433-9504
cell: 720-545-5403

Tag Dr. (Rod Pearman & Mike Forbes)
Price: Full plate restoration from $85 to $105.  Paint border and characters only $65.